WalkdownPro is a multi-platform application which offers a smart and simple way to process and register safety inspections on industrial sites. The mobile application enables users to accurately pinpoint and create reports through the use of blueprints. Media and comments can easily be added at any time allowing secured real-time sharing of data through the cloud with colleagues and contractors.

Your inspection results: real-time, always and everywhere

Always available online and offline
Easily add pictures and notes
Automatic cloud synchronisation
Organize with our web portal
Fast response using email alerts
Flexible, connects to your systems

Find out what WalkdownPro has to offer you!

Safety inspections or technical/quality inspections are an important and necessary task in virtually every company. During my time as a safety advisor I found it to be vital to respond accurately and quickly in unsafe or unknown situations, especially in the ever changing environment of construction- or industrial sites.

I realised that the current technological advance in mobile devices and cloud computing allows us to share and control dynamic data real-time from virtually anywhere at any time. WalkdownPro embodies this idea, allowing us to collect, process and share data in a fast, efficient and secure way.